Do your kids really need braces? Can you skip an orthodontic treatment for yourself too since you’re too old? If you’re wondering whether orthodontic treatment is worth the time, effort, and money, we’re here to set you straight with correct information. Orthodontic treatment is important for a lot more than just giving you or your children a pretty smile. Orthodontic treatment is important for a lot of reasons. Before you skip treatments for everyone in your family, learn just how important treatment is for oral health.

young woman showing off her orthodontics

Straighter Teeth are Healthier

One of the first reasons we recommend orthodontic treatment is because straighter teeth are simply more healthy than non-straight teeth. This is due to a few reasons. For starters, crowded or crooked teeth are significantly more difficult to clean effectively. If you can’t reach every crevice of the surface of the tooth, it’s likely plaque and bacteria will build up. As it builds up, it can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease.

If the bite is misaligned, the teeth can wear unevenly and lead to chipped or cracked teeth as well as unfavorable jaw growth. Bite problems can also contribute to a TMJ disorder which comes with its own set of painful symptoms like jaw pain and frequent headaches.

Once you straighten your teeth, they will align properly. It will also be easy to reach all surface areas of the tooth for effective cleaning. The end result is fewer problems down the line like gum disease, tooth decay, and TMJ disorder.

Straighter Teeth Can Improve Nutrition Intake

Not only will your teeth improve in health, but their straighter alignment will make eating all types of food much easier. Most challenging foods to eat when you have poorly aligned teeth also happen to be the most healthy foods. Once you have straight teeth, eating all types of meat, veggies, and fruit becomes much easier. This can help you expand your variety of foods in your diet and thus improve your nutrition intake which will only improve your health further.

Orthodontics Help Teeth Look More Attractive

Yes, orthodontics make your teeth look better! This is usually a given and one of the top reasons people seek out orthodontic treatment to begin with. So why is it important that your teeth look more attractive? If you feel embarrassed about your smile it might have a bigger impact on your life than you initially think. For one, it can make you feel less confident in yourself. Lacking confidence can prevent you from making new friends, putting yourself out there at work, or living your best life. Straightening your teeth and realigning your jaw can also help with facial asymmetry or imbalances. This can change the shape of your face to make your jaw look more pronounced and your overall face shape look more mature.

Once you have straight teeth, you will feel more confident in your daily life and love looking at pictures of yourself or seeing your reflection in the mirror. How can more confidence change your life?

Straight Teeth Function Better

When your teeth are straight and have proper alignment it’s only natural they function better along with the rest of your mouth. Following orthodontic treatment, you should be able to comfortably close your lips, rest your jaw, speak without an impediment, and potentially stop clenching and grinding your teeth. Orthodontics help your teeth and mouth function just the way they were intended to. Once you have straight teeth, you will wonder why you didn’t get treatment any sooner.

Orthodontics Prevent Resulting Dental Problems

Orthodontic treatment can prevent a multitude of dental problems in both children and adults. For example, early orthodontics for children can prevent them from needing a really extensive and complicated orthodontic treatment later in life because we can correct issues in their earliest stages. For adults, getting orthodontics can prevent the need for serious restorative dentistry. Once teeth become damaged from an uneven bite, cracked, or infected, restorative dentistry is the only way to repair them.

Options For Orthodontics in Fort Atkinson

Now that you know why orthodontic treatments are so important, not just for adults but for all ages, it’s time to explore the different orthodontic options at our Fort Atkinson dental office.

  • Clear Ceramic Brackets – These work like traditional braces only they use clear brackets and wires so it’s less noticeable.
  • Invisalign – These removable clear aligners are worn for approximately two weeks per set to gradually move teeth into their desired position.

We offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options at our dental office to help patients of all ages find a treatment that works for their needs. If you’re ready to start your journey to a straighter smile now that you know just how important it is, contact us to schedule an appointment today. Please call (920) 563-7323 to book an appointment with one of our family dentists.