The Psychology of a Beautiful Smile: How It Can Impact You

Red-headed woman with freckles smiling her best smile

At BKS Dental, our Fort Atkinson, WI dentists offer a variety of general dentistryThis link leads to General Dentistry page and family dentistryThis link leads to Family dentistry page services to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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But we realize there’s more to your mouth than health.

Your smile is part of who you are. If you’re unhappy about your smile, it can take quite a toll on your confidence.

We want to explain the psychology behind a beautiful smile and how we can help you achieve a dream one with our general and cosmetic dentistryThis link leads to Cosmetic dentistry page services!

Smile perceptions

Let’s first discuss the psychology behind other people’s perception of your smile.

A smile is better than makeup

Makeup induces sensory and psychological pleasure, but it’s no match for a smile.

One study showed a woman’s smile is more attractive than the makeup she wears, as indicated by 70% of those surveyed.

Trustworthiness and a smile

The University of Pittsburgh researched a person’s trustworthiness and their smile.

The study consisted of 45 models, and they asked each to smile at varying degrees.

Those who partook in the study ranked the trustworthiness of each person and deemed those with the biggest smiles as the most trustworthy.

What people think about smiles

One survey showed that 29% of people surveyed stated they noticed a person’s smile before any other aspect of them.

Plus, 24% of participants noted a person’s most memorable feature is their smile.

Next time you go on a date, smile. Trust us!

Of those polled, 38% stated they would only want a second date with someone if they didn’t have a teeth misalignment.

Interestingly enough, only 23% stated they wouldn’t go on a second date with someone if they were an adult who lived with their parents.

When people had to choose whether they wanted a pretty smile or clear skin, 58% desired a nice smile.

What constitutes a “beautiful smile” in a scientific sense?

Curly haired woman with a hood on smiling

As we talk about the psychology of a beautiful smile, we must define what makes it gorgeous.

You probably have your preferences when it comes to a fantastic smile, but science shows certain factors play a role in how a person judges a smile, including:

Tooth color:

When we tell you the science behind the attractiveness of teeth color, you might just schedule a teeth whitening.

White teeth are synonymous with good health. And it’s known to go along with fertility and youth.

Therefore, when choosing a mate, someone would be inclined to choose someone with a white smile.

Gum exposure:

A person’s gum-to-teeth ratio impacts how people rate a smile. Most people have gums that are one to two centimeters.

Too much gum, four or more centimeters, is thought to be unappealing by most people.

Tooth length:

Your front teeth are most esthetically appealing if they’re 1.29 centimeters longer than they are wide.

The ideal length for front teeth in women is 10 to 12 millimeters. In men, it’s 10.5 to 12.5 millimeters.

Straight teeth:

At one time, teens were the main ones getting orthodontic treatment. Adults were usually a bit hesitant to straighten their teeth because of embarrassment.

Today, especially with the advancement of Invisalign®, both adults and teens are straightening their teeth. This goes to show the importance of straight teeth.

Not only do misalignments, gaps, and other issues harm the appeal of your smile, but they can also lead to dental problems.

We’d like to mention that gum disease equals foul breath, which definitely isn’t attractive.

Mood-elevating effects of smiling

Smiling can combat stress by releasing serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. And don’t forget that these all help you to feel happy!

Even faking a smile can boost your mood.

As you can see, a smile is more than a smile. Putting one on your face can make you feel better. Not to mention, people will perceive you differently when you smile. And with an appealing smile, you’re more likely to get that second date.

Now that you know how powerful a smile is, why don’t you schedule an appointment with us to get a beautiful smile?


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