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At BKS Dental, our compassionate and caring dentists and staff are here to help you achieve your healthiest smile yet. We believe that your oral health is just as important as your overall health. With our comprehensive approach to dentistry, we can help you achieve good oral health and a smile that functions properly and looks amazing! Dr. Bender, Dr. Kind and Dr. Stafford welcome you to visit us for all your dentistry needs under one roof. We would love to take the time to get to know you to see how our Fort Atkinson dentists can help you achieve your oral health goals.

Fort Atkinson Dentists

Dr. Bender

Serving as a dentist in Fort Atkinson since 1987, Dr. Michael Bender brings a multitude of experience and knowledge to the BKS Dental team. He has a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry with a focus on child and adult orthodontics, in addition to comprehensive restorative and esthetic dental care.

Dr. Kind

Since he began practicing dentistry in 1997, Dr. Jeffrey Kind, Doctor of Dental Surgery, has gained extensive knowledge in the field of oral surgery.  Although he has a focus on general family care, he also provides in-house extractions and is a certified Invisalign provider.

Dr. Stafford

After graduating from dentistry school in 2008, Dr. Jennifer Stafford has spent her free time learning the ins and outs of TMD,  orofacial pain disorders, and sleep apnea treatments. She also holds a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry and has a strong focus in child and adult orthodontics.

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Wisconsin Tongue-Tie Center logo

The Wisconsin Tongue Tie Center is part of BKS Dental Group where we treat children with frenectomies. Children may need a frenectomy when the natural movement of their tongue feels restricted. This can result in breastfeeding issues, speech problems, poor oral hygiene, and challenges with oral activities that involve using the tongue. We treat this problem, also known as Tethered Oral Tissues, using our dental laser to provide instant results.

Young laser dentistry patient

Laser Dentistry for Tongue Tie Treatments

At BKS Dental, we invest in the latest dental technology to provide our patients with a more comfortable and convenient dental procedure. One of the pieces of technology we utilize most often is laser dentistry for tongue tie procedures. Since these procedures are most often completed on children, we want to provide the most comfortable treatment possible. Laser dentistry is less painful, quieter, causes less bleeding, and allows for faster healing than other surgical methods.

We use the dental laser to cut the frenulum to release the lip or tongue to allow for proper movement.
No. Laser dentistry stops bleeding from happening and prevents the need for stitches or sutures.
No insurance coverage option

No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

If you don’t have dental insurance, we have a solution for you to obtain the care you need at a discounted price. By joining our Care +, you can gain access to preventive care all year long for a low monthly fee. We offer memberships for adults, those who have periodontal disease, and children. Each membership includes a range of preventive work in addition to discounts on other needed treatments.

A proud teach with one of her male students
A male teacher with a student receiving a certificate
An amazing teacher with a student

We Love Helping Our Community

Not only do we provide advanced dental care to the residents of Jefferson County, but we’re also involved in our community. One way we like to help out our community is with our monthly Teacher Treat Bowl award. Each month, any child who visits us for a dental cleaning and exam will have the opportunity to submit the name of a teacher of their choice in a drawing to win $100 to go towards any supplies they need for their class.

Our dentists are also heavily involved in our community. Dr. Stafford developed and leads a science club for 1st-4th grade students. She also belongs to the Fort Atkinson Science Fair Board and is an Ambassador for the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Bender serves on the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, is highly involved in the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce, and belongs to the Fort Atkinson Optimist and Rotary Clubs. Dr. Kind is involved with the Fort Atkinson High School athletic boosters, and is involved in farming organizations such as agribusiness and Jefferson County Fair Park beef superintendent. Lastly, all three doctors volunteer their time providing dental care at the local community dental clinic.

We all love our community and try to stay involved and help out where we can.

Bite Align logo

As part of the BKS Dental Group, Bite Align is our specialty practice that focuses on treating TMJ disorders, improper tongue positioning, and airway problems such as sleep apnea or snoring. Oftentimes, these areas are all connected with each other. Treating one problem may lead to relief for multiple symptoms. Let us help you achieve optimal health by addressing these issues.