The holiday season has landed in full swing here in Fort Atkinson and with it comes the festive decorations, heartwarming traditions, and delicious food. In the most wonderful time of the year, it can feel easy to forget about everything we know about keeping our teeth healthy. Although the season comes with tons of sweet treats, it’s actually quite easy to keep your teeth healthy during the holidays.

Here are some tips to help you and your family maintain good oral health this holiday season Fort Atkinson.

young family celebrating the Christmas holiday

Give Toothbrushes and Floss as Stocking Stuffers

One fun way to make oral health a priority in your family this holiday season is by using dental inspired stocking stuffers. If you have young children, get toothbrushes of their favorite cartoon characters to put in their stockings with fun flavored toothpaste and floss! These goodies will help them have a little more fun with their daily oral hygiene routine. It’s also a great way to teach your family that good oral health is a gift.

Gift Someone an Electric Toothbrush or WaterPik

Kids might not get excited about an electric toothbrush as a holiday gift, but most adults will appreciate them. If you’re not sure what to gift someone this year, or you’re participating in a white elephant or secret Santa gift exchange, an electric toothbrush is a great gift to give. Once someone uses a good electric toothbrush for the first time, they will never want to go back to a manual toothbrush ever again. Electric toothbrushes can help users get a much better clean in their mouths than with a manual toothbrush.

Another great gift to give this holiday season is a WaterPik or water flosser. This is ideal for someone you know who hates using floss or doesn’t floss at all. Before you think that giving a toothbrush or water flosser as a gift is insulting, don’t. Giving these items as a gift shows that you care about their health and want them to enjoy their daily routine. Once someone gets an electric toothbrush or WaterPik, they will wonder how they ever lived without it.

Eat Candy Canes in Moderation

You and your family might feel tempted to suck on a candy cane every day for the next month, but we encourage you not to. Candy canes are hard candy which means that they take forever to eat. As a result, your teeth come into contact with sugar for an extended period at a time. It’s even worse if you’re the type of person who bites down on their candy cane. Biting a candy cane can damage your teeth since it’s too hard to chew. If you do feel the need to eat candy canes this holiday season, try to eat them in moderation and do your best not to bite down on them. Also, make sure to brush your teeth afterward to get the harmful sugar off your teeth.

Switch From Soda to Sparkling Water

Soda is filled with sugar and acid which can harm your teeth and cause tooth decay. Make the switch this holiday season from soda to still or sparkling water. Although sparkling water still has higher acidity than still water, it doesn’t contain sugar which can help your oral health. Today, there are tons of flavored sparkling waters to choose from that come with the carbonation you crave without the calories and sugar.

Play Christmas Songs While You Brush Your Teeth

One way to make brushing your teeth fun this holiday season is by humming along to your favorite holiday song. Find a song that takes about two minutes to get through as a way to time your teeth brushing sessions. You’ll get some caroling in and your family will benefit from clean teeth in the process!

Serve Cheese Platters

One of the best appetizers to serve at any holiday celebration is a cheese platter. Cheese is not just a protein-packed snack, it helps neutralize the acid in your mouth. This is the perfect pairing with wine, beer, or any other acidic drink like soda or sparkling water. The calcium in cheese is also great for your dental health too.

Eat Lots of Turkey

One of the most favorite holiday foods is turkey and if it’s yours too, we’re giving you full permission to indulge. Turkey is a good source of protein and phosphorus which can help fight tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Don’t Use Teeth as Tools

No matter how difficult it is to open your present or any package for that matter, don’t use your teeth as tools. Using teeth as tools is a fast way to damage your teeth and make an emergency dental visit.

Don’t Graze All Day

It can feel tempting to snack all day when there are so many delicious foods to eat but grazing is actually bad for your teeth. This is because it exposes your teeth to bacteria all day without giving it a chance to wash it away which promotes tooth decay. Try to not snack between meals, or at the very least, brush your teeth a little more often.

Watch the Red Wine

Unless you want to jumpstart 2021 with a stained smile, try to keep your red wine to a minimum. Consider switching to white wine or a different alcoholic beverage to avoid staining your teeth instead. If you do overindulge in the red wine, we offer teeth whitening options to help give your smile a boost in color.

Visit Your Fort Atkinson Family Dentist For Dental Cleanings

Just because it’s the busy holiday season doesn’t mean you should put off your dental cleaning. If it’s been six months or longer since you or your family’s last cleaning, visiting us for a cleaning should be a high priority. Schedule your family’s next dental appointment at BKS Dental by calling (920) 563-7323 today.