Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening uses high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solution to remove stains from teeth to present a whiter appearance. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can help you look younger and have more confidence in your smile. Tooth whitening can remove stains from eating and drinking certain foods and drinks, smoking, and taking certain medications.

As a way to help you understand how professional teeth whitening removes stains, it’s beneficial to understand how teeth become stained to begin with. To start, it’s important to know that even though the enamel is hard, it’s porous. This means it can absorb anything that your saliva doesn’t wash away. If small amounts of pigment enter through the enamel and lodge themselves, over time, they will accumulate and cause your teeth to look discolored.

When we use hydrogen peroxide bleaching products to whiten your teeth, the gel acts like laundry detergent when it’s applied to your teeth. It enters your enamel and breaks up the pigment inside your tooth and removes it from your teeth. This removes the stains to help your teeth look whiter!

Causes of Stained or Discolored Teeth

There are many different factors that contribute to stained or discolored teeth. Listed below are the most common factors.

Certain foods and drinks – Coffee, tea, red wine, colas, berries, and dark chocolate can all cause stains on your teeth. Try drinking through a straw when you can and rinsing your mouth with water after eating and drinking to prevent staining.

Tobacco/smoking – Using tobacco products like cigarettes can stain your teeth yellow from nicotine.

Fluorosis – An overproduction of fluoride in the body can stain teeth.

Tetracycline – Used primarily in the 60s and 70s, this antibiotic caused severe staining to teeth. In most cases, it requires veneers or bonding to cover the stains.

Genetics – Some people are more genetically prone to have darker enamels.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Most patients are excellent candidates for teeth whitening. We have only a few requirements to ensure patients receive the best results possible. To start, patients should have generally healthy teeth that are free of gum disease, and cavities. If they aren’t, we will bring them back to full health before we begin the tooth whitening treatment.

We also don’t recommend teeth whitening for patients who have restorations like dental crowns, bridges, or fillings in the front of their mouth unless their natural teeth are darker than their restorations. This is because we cannot whiten restorations, therefore if we were to whiten your teeth lighter than your restorations, they wouldn’t blend in.

If we don’t think you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening, we may recommend dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns to help you achieve your desired results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our dental office offers take-home OpalescenceⓇ whitening kit to achieve your desired results. We will provide you with detailed instructions to complete your whitening kit at home. Within two weeks, your smile will look noticeably whiter!

If for any reason your take-home kit didn’t provide you with the results you desired, we can also provide you with an internal bleaching treatment.

It’s important to visit our dentists for your take-home teeth whitening treatment instead of buying a product over the counter so that you can achieve beautiful and professional results. If you’re ready to brighten your smile, contact us for a consultation today by calling (920) 563-7323 or using our online form.