LightScalpel C02 Soft Tissue Laser

Laser dentistry is rapidly replacing traditional surgical techniques that use scalpels and sutures.  This laser technique is a more comfortable treatment requiring less anesthetic and no sutures. At BKS Dental, we use a LightScapel C02 soft tissue laser. This dental laser allows our Fort Atkinson dentists to work with the utmost precision. The highly focused C02 laser beam can vaporize tissues while sealing blood vessels off at the same time. Not only does the dental laser benefit our dentists, but also our patients. Learn more about laser dentistry and how we use it at our dental office.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

One of the top reasons we invested in laser technology is to provide our patients with its many benefits.

Faster procedures – Since laser dentistry allows dentists to work with the utmost precision, they can actually complete procedures even faster. This means less time in the dental chair for you!

Less bleeding – The laser uses heat to seal each incision immediately, resulting in minimal bleeding during and after the procedure.

No need for sutures or stitches – Since the laser immediately seals incisions, there’s no need for sutures or stitches.

Quieter procedures – Dental lasers are nearly noiseless, meaning so will your procedure. If you suffer from dental anxiety or the sound of the drill makes you wince, the dental lasers will ensure you have much more relaxing and quiet experience.

Shorter periods of anesthesia – Using a dental laser causes minimal discomfort which reduces the amount of anesthesia we need to use. This is because the laser doesn’t cause friction or pressure which is what causes pain in the first place. With less anesthesia, patients can resume daily activities much sooner.

Faster Recovery – Laser dentistry often results in shorter healing time, less discomfort during healing and minimal swelling. All of these factors can make recovery a breeze.

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Procedures with Laser Dentistry

At BKS Dental, we use our dental laser to complete tongue tie and lip tie procedures, also known as a frenectomy or tethered oral tissue (TOT). We use the dental laser to loosen or cut frenulums that may restrict the tongue from having a full range of motion. The precision of the dental laser allows us to remove only the necessary tissue that’s causing issues and work faster than traditional methods.

In just minutes time, the entire tethered oral tissue procedure can be completed using a dental laser. Not only do patients experience little to no discomfort, but their recovery also goes by in a breeze. Whether your newborn baby is having trouble latching for breastfeeding or you’re an adult who is finally addressing this problem in your mouth, the dental laser makes the procedure much more comfortable and efficient.

Are you unable to move your tongue in a full range of motions? Is your baby struggling to breastfeed? A frenectomy with a dental laser might help. This painless procedure is fast and can provide a multitude of benefits. Contact the Wisconsin Tongue-Tie Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stafford or Dr. Bender to get started. Please call (920) 563-7323 or contact us online today.