Full Dentures

If you need to replace an entire arch of teeth, full dentures can help you out. Dentures use a plastic base that resembles gum tissue and serves the purpose of holding a full set of porcelain or plastic teeth in place. The full dentures then use adhesives and suction to the roof or floor of the mouth to stay in place.

If you think dentures are a good fit for you, the procedure is straightforward and fast. First, you will have a consultation with one of our dentists where we will evaluate any remaining teeth (if you have them) and decide if you should extract them or not. If you need extractions, we perform this before giving you the dentures. While your gums heal from the extractions, you will wear a set of temporary dentures until your gums completely heal. After they’re healed, we will take impressions of your gums to make your permanent pair of dentures. Before we send you home with your new dentures we will ensure they fit and look correct first.

Partial Dentures

If you only have a section of missing teeth, we will likely recommend partial dentures or full dentures with a plastic base and porcelain or plastic teeth attached. However, partials stay in place by using clasps and hooks connected to adjacent teeth in the mouth. Partial dentures work perfectly for replacing small sections of teeth with no problem. Partials are much more affordable than dental bridges.

Benefits of Dentures

Although full and partial dentures have a bad reputation, they actually offer a lot of different benefits.

Replacing missing teeth – One of the top benefits is that they replace your missing teeth. When you lose teeth, you also lose the ability to smile with confidence and chew all your favorite foods. Dentures give you all these qualities back.

Affordable – If you’re living on a budget, affordability is most likely a factor that determines which tooth replacement you opt for. Dentures tend to have partial or full coverage with most dental insurance plans. If not, they are not too costly out of pocket.

Partial Dentures prevent natural teeth from shifting – One problem that occurs when you lose teeth is that any teeth adjacent to the missing teeth will begin to shift. This is because teeth naturally want to move towards open space. When you have partial dentures, this prevents your natural teeth from shifting.

Look great – Once again, dentures have a bad reputation for looking fake or noticeable. Although this might be true from years ago, this is not true today. At BKS Dental, we design your denture to complement your face to look completely natural.

Stay in place – Today’s dentures also fit much better than the one’s of the past. With advanced dental technology, we’re able to capture even more tiny details in your impressions to ensure they fit much better. This can help you stay confident.

If you would like to learn more about replacing your missing teeth with dentures, please contact BKS Dental for more information by calling (920) 563-7323 or using our online form.