We know what you’re thinking. Shooting a laser into your mouth sounds pretty scary, right? Before we knew about laser technology, we thought the same thing. However, we have since learned that lasers cause less pain to our patients, accomplish tasks easier, and result in less recovery time.

Though lasers are fairly new in the dentistry world, they have proven themselves as the best treatment method. And, at BKS Dental, we like to stay up to date with the latest dental technology and procedures. That’s why we implement laser dentistry into our treatments!

Shining beam of light on a smile

Say Goodbye to Drilling

In our dental office, we use the LightScalpel CO2 soft tissue laser. In other words, you can say goodbye to everything that you disliked about drills. From the uncomfortable buzzing noises to the added pressure in your gums, you don’t have to think about drills when you visit BKS Dental.

The LightScalpel, on the other hand, uses a beam of laser light to extract decay and remove excess gums. As versatile equipment, laser technology works on both teeth and gums. When our dentists use the laser, they can change the settings so the laser operates under different frequencies to target specific areas or materials. In fact, the laser is so precise, it can actually remove only a few cells at a time if needed!

Our dentists use laser dentistry for numerous treatments because lasers can effectively target both teeth and gums. Some of the most popular laser treatments are removal of gum tissue, treatment of sores or bumps, and infection cleanings. This cutting-edge technology also removes tooth decay and erosion so your dentist can easily fill cavities.

Say Hello to Quicker Procedures with Less Recovery Time

When we use our laser technology on your gums, it vaporizes gum tissue while sealing off blood vessels at the exact same time. For you, this means you experience less pain at the dentist’s office, less recovery time at home, and very little room for infection. Furthermore, with the enhanced precision of laser technology, your treatment in our office will be shorter as well.

Next time you visit us at BKS Dental, learn how your dentist can get the job done faster with laser dentistry. With tongue-tie procedures to gum disease treatment, laser technology can improve your dental visits exponentially!

Your Dentist in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

If you want the best, most advanced treatment in dentistry, visit us at BKS Dental. Our laser procedures are not only safe but faster and more reliable as well. To schedule an appointment with your dentists in Fort Atkinson, call us at (920) 563-7323 or message us online.