Remember when your baby grew his first tooth? At first, you didn’t know how to clean just one tiny baby tooth. To understand the complexities of brushing, flossing, and cleaning baby teeth, you visited your Fort Atkinson family dental office.

Now, you have a full set of baby teeth just waiting to fall out. And losing those baby teeth is a big deal! Your little man or baby girl is likely around four to six years old now, and ready to meet the magical, fantastic tooth fairy.

Fairy showing off an oversized tooth

Where to Leave Your Baby Teeth and the Rewards That Follow

Every family has different traditions when it comes to the tooth fairy. One of the most popular traditions includes leaving the baby tooth under your child’s pillow for this mystical creature to take with her. As parents, we can buy or make a special pouch to store baby teeth in. If you don’t have time to find or make a pouch, a simple plastic bag will do.

Still, other families connect with the tooth fairy by placing baby teeth in cups or special boxes on the nightstand. Whatever you choose, the tooth fairy will know where to find those baby teeth and how to reward you for your treasures.

Talking about rewards, we’ve made it to the fun part! The tooth fairy is notorious for leaving special treats at different households for our kids to enjoy. Most often,our dentists hear stories about a dollar left in exchange for each tooth.

What the Tooth Fairy Means for You

Unfortunately, the tooth fairy visiting your household means that your kids are growing up – probably way too fast! Before you know it, your babies will be teenagers and it will be time to consider orthodontic treatment.

But, for now, cherish these moments with your kids. Enjoy the fun traditions like the tooth fairy because they help you stay present. Before long, your little ones will approach adulthood and you’ll wish you had tooth fairy times back.

Your Family Dentist in Fort Atkinson

With your kids constantly growing, family dentistry remains very important in their lives. If you have any questions about keeping good oral health or even about tooth fairy traditions, then contact us at BKS Dental. Call us at (920) 563-7323 or schedule an appointment online to see our dentists.