For many people, Invisalign has one simple appeal: it’s a way to invisibly straighten your teeth. You can straighten your teeth without having the visible metal and brackets of traditional braces. 

To these people, it might not make sense why Invisalign would introduce new stickers that let people make their aligners more visible. However, invisibility is just one of the benefits of Invisalign, and there are many occasions where people, especially young people, want to show off their aligners. The new Invisalign stickers let them do this in a fun, safe way with style. 

attractive woman preparing to place Invisalign clear braces aligners in her mouth

Demand for Stickers

Invisalign didn’t come up with this idea out of nowhere. 

For years, there have been people making and selling stickers intended to go on Invisalign aligners and other clear braces like ClearConnect. However, there’s no way to guarantee the quality of these stickers. Some of them didn’t cling very well, which meant they could come off in the mouth. Others would come apart with saliva, turning into a gooey mess. Despite this, they were fairly popular. Many people using these clear braces would turn to these stickers to add a little bling to their smile. It’s fun and interesting, and a lot less invasive than tooth jewelry!

Invisalign’s New Stickers

Invisalign just announced these new accessories on September 1, so they are very new. 

Once Invisalign saw that people wanted decals to customize their aligners, they decided to introduce their own stickers. These stickers would be designed as a quality accessory for Invisalign. They designed them to stick to the specific SmartTrack material they use in their aligners. This helps them stay in place. And Invisalign developed these stickers to be durable enough to last until a person was ready to move onto the next aligner. Plus, the materials they use are proven safe for use in the mouth. 

The initial release of stickers is aimed squarely at children and teens using the orthodontic system. It includes ten fun themes:

  • Fantasy and gaming
  • Shapes and colors
  • Sports and activities
  • Travel and transit
  • Emojis and faces
  • Animals and nature
  • Letters and numbers
  • Party and holidays
  • Foods and sweets
  • Basic shapes

If a lot of those categories sound like what you’d find in an emoji set, you’re not far off. The design of many of the stickers closely resembles emojis. However, this is probably a smart move given the target audience, which tends to enjoy emojis.

Each sheet of stickers contains 100 stickers with dozens of different images. Unlike the custom cases Invisalign sells, the sports and activities set doesn’t currently include team logos or other ways to customize the stickers for your favorite teams. 

Other Invisalign Advantages

So what advantages do people get from Invisalign if they make their aligners visible? First, people get to straighten their teeth without metal brackets and wires. These have other issues besides their visibility. They can poke or irritate the mouth, for example. 

Plus, Invisalign is removable. This means that they can choose to take them out or keep them in for pictures. 

Being removable means that people don’t have to give up their favorite foods. They can eat anything they want with Invisalign, as long as they take their aligners out and clean their mouth well. 

In addition, people don’t have to work to clean around their brackets and wires, which is never easy, and over the long term can be exhausting, leading people to drop off in oral care over time. 

So it’s easy to see why someone might give up the core benefit of an Invisible orthodontic treatment, but still choose Invisalign. 

What Is the Best Orthodontic Solution for You?

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