After your dentist perfectly aligns your teeth with the utmost orthodontic care, it’s time to wear your retainers. And, the most common question we get with retainers is, how long do I have to wear them? 

Well, the answer to that question really depends on your preferences. It all depends on how long you want your teeth to stay straight and aligned. As blunt as it sounds, your teeth will remain straight and aligned as long as you commit to your retainers.

However, you may have taken out your retainers and noticed no changes. It’s true–not wearing your retainers for short periods of time probably won’t change your teeth all that much. But, after several years, you’ll start to notice an unwanted difference in your smile.

If you want to keep the perfect smile you got with BKS Dental, you should wear your retainers as much as possible. Our dentists recommend wearing your retainer every night to maintain your beautiful smile.

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Why Do You Have to Wear Your Retainer Every Night?

Your body is constantly changing. Within your body, there are many complex systems that update and change every day. All of your cells regenerate at different speeds, but, in the end, they all change.

For orthodontic treatment, this means that the cells in your mouth change too. Your jaw shifts, your gums grow, and your teeth deviate from their former alignment.

In other words, teeth are dynamic, meaning that they are constantly moving. Even if you had braces, your teeth will want to shift back to their original positions, crowd one another, or shift upwards and outwards. This process, which we call “mesial drift,” is a normal change that comes with aging.

The Uncomfortability Factor

We know that wearing a retainer every night sounds uncomfortable and impossible. However, many of our patients say that they don’t even notice their retainers after about a month of wearing them.

But, if you forget to wear your retainers for long periods of time, you will experience much greater discomfort when wearing them. The longer you go without wearing your retainers, the more it will hurt to put them back in your mouth. This is because your teeth are already shifting. When your mouth changes, you’ll begin to notice more and more pain while wearing your retainers. On the other hand, if you wear your retainers routinely, you’ll never feel that aching soreness and your mouth will stay beautiful forever!

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